• £400.00 Per week

Martin JEM Glaciator Dynamic is your complete solution for creating dense, billowy clouds of low-lying fog in any venue without the use of industrial gases or ice.
Achieve lush fog on stage with longer-lasting effects.
Reduce noise with near-silent operation, perfect for theatrical applications.
Enjoy more room backstage with an all-new, more compact design. 

A ducting adaptor kit available as an optional extra, no additional charge for this. 

Fluid is available to purchase as required. 

Fluid is available to purchase

Available fluid options:-
Standard low fog fluid  (Previously called B2 fluid)
High density low fog fluid (for longer hang time) (Previously called C3 fluid)
Quick dissipating fluid


Optional accessories

JEM Glaciator Dynamic Ducting Kit for 3-way low-fog diversion
Ducting tube is not supplied, this available to purchase on request. 


  • Completely self-contained low-fog system - no industrial gases or ice
  • Closed-loop refrigeration for colder, dense, longer-lasting low-fog 
  • Ultra-quiet operation, including low ambient noise in standby



  • All-in-one, self-contained solution without the need for external fans, industrial gas tanks, or ice
  • All-new Electronic Inverter Drive for improved effects and lower ambient noise
  • Fill your stage with low-fog thanks to continuous 80 m³ (2825 ft³) per-minute output
  • Compact design: 785 x 648 x 769 mm (30.9 x 25.5 x 30.2 in.)
  • Onboard industry standard DMX connectivity (both 3- and 5- pin) for control and integration
  • Intuitive user interface with Fast Access Keypad for fast, easy manipulation of low-fog output
  • 180° Low-fog outlet engineered for a smooth, consistent low-fog field
  • Achieve diverse effects with three premium fluid options
  • Simple, one-touch fluid priming
  • 5L internal fluid reservoir provides an hour of continual consistent low-fog output


JEM Glaciator Dynamic - User manual

Jem Glaciator Dynamic - Ducting kit

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