• £80.00 Per week

A simple 4 light fresnel kit with manual dimmer, suitable for a small stage set up for a general cover of lighting.

These small but punchy fresnels can be adjusted to give a narrow, medium or wide beam of light. 

Package includes:

4 x 500w or 650w Minuette Fresnels

4 x Barndoors

2 x Lighting stand, max height up to 3m

2 x 1m T bar

1 x Quad pro 4 channel dimmer with manual faders

1 X 13A Adapter for dimmer to suit domestic sockets

2 x 10m 16A cable extensions

2 x 20m 16A cable extensions

1 x 10m 13A cable extension

A selection of coloured lighting gels can be supplied if required. 

An easy to use and set up kit that can easily fit into a car boot. 


All lighting kits can be customised to suit your requirements



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