• £25.00 Per week

A Clear Encapsulite fluorescent fitting with DMX dimmable ballast.

Encapsulite details:-

Length 125cm including case

Fluorescent tube T8 length 122cm ( 4' ) available in cool white, daylight white, standard white or warm white.

Tubes can be coloured if required using lighting filters, a strip cut from a sheet of Lee filter is the correct length for a 4' tube. e can do this for you if requested. 

Lighting filters can used if required, this can be wrapped around the tube before inserting into Encapsulite fitting or wrapped around the outside of fitting. 

Fitting has 1m cable to XLR4 to connect to ballast

Each fluorescent requires it's own ballast which requires hard power, not through a dimmer.


Ballast details:-

Electronic ballast, dimmable to 1%

Dimensions, L 60cm, H 5cm, W 5cm

Power IEC cable in / out, approx 1m tails, can be linked together. 

DMX XLR5 in / out, approx 1m tails

1 X XLR4 cable out to the fluorescent fitting, approx 1m tail

Power leads available as required, 13A, 15A, 16A etc



Dimmable fluorescent user manual