ETC Puck - 6k Output

ETC Puck - 6k Output


  • £175.00 Per week

The ETC Puck lighting controller is a full-featured mini-computer with an embedded ETCnomad lighting control key capable of running Eos and Element applications. It provides lighting control with conventional and moving lights, media servers and LED luminaires. The ETC Puck lighting controller can be used in primary, backup, client and offline environments. Optional fader wings, programming wings, X-keys and compatibility with USB–MIDI panels allow extended and customisable control.

Eos Family software includes:

  • Approachable yet powerful syntax for programmers of every level
  • Industry-leading colour control tools
  • Magic Sheets for custom programming and displays
  • Augment3d 3D programming and visualisation environment
  • Virtual Media Server function for pixel-mapping
  • Timecode and automation integration
  • Multi-user and multi-programmer working environment

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