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Par 64 offer up to 1000w light with fixed beam, some lamp types have a oval beam which are adjusted by spinning the lamp inside the parcan.

CP60 VNSP Lamp – Very Narrow Spot. Beam Angle 9º x 12° approx, with a clear lens, good for really tight spots, thin light beams cutting through smoke or streaking across stage set/cloths. 

CP61 NSP PAR 64 Lamp – Narrow Spot. Beam Angle 10º x 14° approx, with a softly dappled lens, a good general spotlight of the PAR 64 family producing a tight beam of light This lamp is a useful stage spotlight and makes fairly good beam structures in smoke. 

CP62 1000W / CP88 500W MFL PAR 64 Lamp – Medium Flood. Beam Angle 11º x 24° approx. 8 rows lenticular steps lens. Good colour washes on stage. These bulbs are great for washing intense colour around a stage or lighting up columns or architecture. The beam of this PAR lamp is elliptical and their orientation, and is set by spinning the bulb inside the PAR Can.

EXG PAR 64 Lamp – Wide Flood. Beam Angle 21º x 51° approx. 11 rows lenticular steps lens. A wider flood PAR that can be used for colour washing at shorter throw distances though it can lack intensity. Set by spinning the bulb inside the PAR Can.

CP95 WFL PAR 64 Lamp – Wide Flood. Beam Angle 70º x 70° approx. Gridded Lens.  This PAR lamp a very wide flood in all directions and useful when you need wide flood at a short distance  To get full width of this PAR bulb, it's best to use a short nose PAR can.


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