• £300.00 Per week

High Output With Hot Restrike

Main features:

Type: Followspot 
Source: 2500 W HMI 
PSU: Electronic - hot restrike 
Optics: 4.5° to 8° zoom

Suited to the long throws of large venues, Aramis is the favoured followspot for opera houses, musicals and concerts.

• Fully closing iris cassette: removable for fast, easy replacement; protective backplate for extended lifespan

• Gobo holder: glass and metal gobos

• Smooth dimmer shutter: retains flat beam and colour temperature when dimming

• Frost filter: on flip lever for quick soft-edge beam effect

• Horizontal chopper (optional): for masking control in TV studios and wide stages

• Individually removable colour frame: gels replaced easily while colour cassette remains in place

• Colour changer: 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer

• Fast-locking focus handle: for quick and easy change of beam size

• Easy focus reference: graduated scale on side of lantern; fast and easy refocusing

• Adjustable yoke: for optimum overhead positioning

• Easy-to-balance counterweight: steady movement, even at long distances

• Stand: perfectly weighted for maximum stability with smooth rotation for optimum performance. Easy set up; triple safety system for extra security


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